Distribution of data from PLM to ERP exposes the quality of data in the PLM Product Specification to a very high level – if the digital thread has any value for your business.

To deal with the root causes of challenges with data distribution between PLM and ERP requires skilled resources to identify and remedy. Wrong conclusions and initiatives generate significant direct and indirect costs.

Let us support your business with the challenges related data distribution between PLM and ERP.

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Over the last 20 years we have executed projects and programs for 500 major companies, and we can support you with the following:

  • We provide the necessary staff from Project leader/Program leader to specialists required.
  • We recommend a 50% split, internal/external.
  • We provide the Project/Program leader and advise you where and how to recruit the rest.
  • We provide the key person(s) you are missing.
  • We support you with any necessary advice and experience.

We work closely with specific companies around the globe, which allows us either to support you from ex India or to bring resources to your location. These partnerships allow us to support across the entire PLM/PDM systems as well as ERP systems.

For more information, please contact our CEO Carsten Haugaard at